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We, forth with a massive bulk of our friends,  family, neighbors, and Facebook friends,  accept been in agitation approach aback Saturday as our latest bills from EPB accept amorphous to arrive. After we got up off the attic from casual out at the alarm and shock of the charges, that is.

Nordyne Heat Pump Wiring Diagram – davehaynes
Nordyne Heat Pump Wiring Diagram – davehaynes

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We accept the acclimate has been insane.

If you cast the bill over, why are we actuality charged $3 plus added per kilowatt hour for this January than we were in January 2017? Who can buy aliment and medications aback we have $350-$600 electric bills that are due the added anniversary of February?

Is it aloof Lookout Valley, or is it all customers? 

Our home happens to be one of the oldest and best apparent homes in our community.  We accept cloistral every aboveboard bottom of it. Every aboriginal window and aperture that we accept not replaced has been winterized and cloistral with bartering brand wind affidavit and baptize proof, 1mm thick, compress wrap. We accept replaced every inch of base and plumbing.  We accept upgraded every apparatus in the absolute abode to the best accepted and best activity able possible. We do not accept a calefaction pump or HVAC system.  We accept aerial ability allowance units that alone calefaction or air-conditioned the specific allowance we appear to be application at said time. We do not calefaction or air-conditioned the absolute abode at all times. We additionally accumulate the thermostat ascendancy set amid 66° to 68° behindhand of time of year.

Now, with all that said, can addition explain, with some akin of reasonal believability, why the bulk per day went from $8.60 for December, 2017, to $11.86 per day for January, 2018, afterwards cogent us it has to do with TVA ammunition costs.  What did TVA do? Drive the electricity in trucks to EPB? That’s sarcasm, by the way. We apperceive how electricity travels.

Richard and Thomas Hendricks Smith


 * * *

Dear Mr. Smith,


We affliction you were taken by abruptness aback you opened your ability bill this month. I’m autograph to acknowledgment your catechism and accomplish some suggestions that may be advice you and others activity forward.


First, as you mentioned, aback the acclimate is absolute algid it takes a abundant accord of added ability to accumulate your home comfortable. At milder temperatures, your HVAC operates intermittently. With acutely algid temperatures, HVAC units allegation run continuously at abounding accommodation and calefaction pumps generally bang into abetting or emergency approach which utilizes alike added energy. So far, the boilerplate January temperature has been 35 degrees with temperatures absolute beneath freezing for continued periods of time, as compared to aftermost January’s boilerplate temperature of 48 degrees with a mix of warmer and acknowledgment weather. As you can imagine, continuously operating HVAC to advance amore aback it is absolute algid requires abundant added ability to accumulate your home adequate than during milder temperatures.


Keeping in apperception that acutely algid temperatures and capricious acclimate altitude can accomplish it absolute difficult for barter to ahead their absolute ability use, EPB offers two options to accomplish your ability bill added predictable:



We can additionally advice you get the best amount for the activity you use. With eScore, we’ll accord your home a chargeless activity check-up and accommodate you with a prioritized account of energy-saving recommendations to advance your eScore appraisement in anniversary category, as able-bodied as a account of EPB & TVA Quality Contractors who will advice get you there. Through the program, you can additionally authorize for rebates for abounding activity extenuative home improvements. For added advice and to assurance up, amuse call 423-648-1372.


We achievement these options are accessible to you.


Also, we acknowledge the befalling to analyze advice about EPB’s electric rates, which accept not added by $3 per kWh aback aftermost January. Advice about EPB’s electric ante is about accessible on our website at 


Residential chump bills accept three components. First, EPB’s residential electric rate, which as of October 2017 is anchored at 8.116 cents per kWh.  Second, TVA’s ammunition bulk acclimation rate, which is 1.911 cents per kWh for January. This amount fluctuates hardly anniversary month, based on how abundant ammunition TVA allegation acquirement to accomplish abundant activity to accommodated chump demand. So the net electric amount is 10.27 cents per kWh. The third basic is a anchored account Residential Chump Allegation of $9.36, which is about lower than added utilities in the region.


Here is a five-year assay of EPB residential electric rates:


2018 – 8.116 cents/kWh

2017 – 7.966 cents/kWh

Coleman Furnace Wiring Diagram Heat Sequencer Timings Nordyne ...
Coleman Furnace Wiring Diagram Heat Sequencer Timings Nordyne …

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2016 – 7.817 cents/kWh

2015 – 7.666 cents/kWh

2014 – 7.394 cents/kWh


In June 2015, EPB aloft its residential ante 3.5 percent to account the ascent costs of convalescent from the accident acquired by added common astringent acclimate contest and the furnishings of ample account temperature fluctuations on the aiguille activity appeal accuse that EPB pays to the Tennessee Valley Authority for generated power. Aback then, TVA has anesthetized forth amount increases to distributors like EPB of 1.5 percent anniversary year, the best contempo actuality October 2017.


We are advantageous to alive in a arena that enjoys some of the everyman electric ante in the country. I achievement this advice clarifies the amount of EPB Electric Power, which for a few dollars a day maintains the abundance and accessibility of our barter in their homes with reliable activity no amount what the acclimate brings.


Thank you,


John Pless

EPB Accessible Relations 

* * *

Don’t accusation EPB; accusation TVA, who generates the ability EPB distributes. If you booty a attending at the contempo Synapse Activity Economics abstraction of TVA rates, you will see that from 2011 to 2016, TVA confused $1.4 billion of costs from factories to homeowners. The best allotment is that their CEO is paid arctic of $6 actor per year to accord handouts to his industry buddies at our expense. 

Charles McCullough 

* * *

Dear Mr. Smith,

Excellent aborigine observation, you accept provided a assessable EPB amount and reasonable question. 

Instead of acclamation your amount question, EPB’s assassin gun, able accessible relations agent has deflected the accountable amount to calefaction pump operation in algid weather, accompanying with offers to booty your abandoned bills and boilerplate them out to accept according account payments.

Yet, EPB’s adumbrative in his assessment does not action a chat of acknowledgment apropos your amount access comment.  Isn’t that grand?

We can allocution HVAC all day long, but I would rather allocution about EPB amount increases that you accept analytic mentioned.

While the accessible appreciates the acknowledgment from EPB’s accessible relations able to avert amount discussion, and his assay on algid acclimate calefaction pump action and announcement options, your apropos apropos amount increases accept been absolutely bare by EPB.  Wonder why?

So, let us allocution about rates.

The Electric Ability Lath has accomplished amazing ability bill increases over the accomplished bristles years.

Since you accept some data, a simple accessible annal letter to the EPB allurement them to acknowledge all KWH increases over the aftermost bristles years would be absolute helpful.  If you aggregate the data, amuse allotment it in addition Chatttanoogan post. I would adulation to apprehend it.

While EPB has consistently abhorrent their ante on TVA and ability filigree generators, there is a lot added to it. 

EPB wastes money like no added account in the region. I am action of attractive at added borough electric account rates, and comparing to EPB.

The EPB is oversighted by a burghal appointed “Yes” lath that alone knows the absorb approach aback they entered cilia business.

Many accept EPB needs added banking controls in their spending, alleged restraints.

Heat Pump System.. No. 3 Ton 14 Seer Rheem Ruud Heat Pump ...
Heat Pump System.. No. 3 Ton 14 Seer Rheem Ruud Heat Pump …

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EPB is careless in boundless advertising, has too abounding above adopted political hacks on the amount as lobbyist, and the account goes on.  They could calmly accept lower rates.

EPB is a accessible endemic account and their annal are the publics annal on best days.  I would afresh animate you to attending carefully at EPB’s amount increases over time, and the accumulative appulse to the public.

Publish your electric amount increases over the aftermost bristles years EPB, and that won’t bulk you a Gig.

April Eidson 

* * * 

I don’t get it, that aboriginal complaint:  “If you cast the bill over, why are we actuality answerable $3 additional added per kilowatt hour for this January than we were in January 2017?”

I angry over my latest bill, the accomplished anytime at $234.46 due on Feb. 9, and begin no $3 charge.  I additionally arrested my EPB acquittal annal all the way aback through 2013 and begin that the January 2017 amount per kiloWatt hour was in actuality the accomplished of any ages in the accomplished bristles years. 

Admittedly that amount (10.940 cents per kWh, vs. 10.444 cents on the latest bill), is the net all-embracing amount to me per kWh, rather than the neatly burst bottomward abstracts accustomed by Mr. Pless that accommodate “a anchored account Residential Chump Allegation of $9.36.”  Perhaps it would be astute of the EPB to accommodate that abounding breakdown of accuse on every account bill, but that’s their business, not mine.

It’s a simple abundant amount for anyone to analysis their ability usage; the new agenda meters are accessible to read, and the absolute amount is accustomed on the aback of every EPB bill.  By analytical claimed addiction I analysis the alfresco temperature account every morning aback I get up, and additionally almanac the electric beat reading.  Aback I apperceive that the boilerplate bulk of a kWh is about 10 cents, I apperceive about how abundant every day’s electricity has bulk me.  And in the winter, the lower the temperature is, the college the electric beat readings are.  July and August, of course, aftermath abundant college temperatures which additionally access the electric bills.

During best of this December and January I fabricated the acquainted accommodation to run the little electric boiler in my unheated basement account allowance office; I was aloof apparent cold, and my annoyed basic accumulate accepting earlier and added bad-tempered about such things.  Yes, I was abashed to see those $8, $9, and $10 canicule on my annal every morning, and it absolutely aching to anticipate about an electric bill of $250 or so for the month.  At and absolute $234.46, I about acquainted relieved. 

And the numbers don’t lie; I’m an engineer, so I can usually acquaint aback numbers aren’t absolutely right.  As far as I can tell, the Electric Ability Lath has annihilation to apologize for in this case.  Oh, there ability be addition time, addition situation, aback they accept some austere answer to do, but not appropriate now.

Hey, here’s an absorbing agenda from the Way Aback Machine:  Way aback 20 or added years ago, afterwards we’d all accomplished ultra-high heating bills and had hyper-insulated our homes, closed about the windows and doors, and adapted the thermostats a bit, the city’s all-embracing electric and gas heating needs alone significantly.  The bead was so abrupt and so ample that the bounded gas aggregation about complained about our aggregate and egocentric abridgement in heating gas.  Their astonishing band-aid was to accession the amount of heating gas, to atone for their accident in income.  That seemed like a aberrant way to get association to use added gas, but what do I apperceive about such things?

In the present case, though, I doubtable that the abrupt and acutely abandoned acceleration in electric bills is artlessly a amount of alone over-use of the juice.  It has been cold, and it’s absolute accessible to about-face up the thermostat, or about-face on addition little carriageable electric heater, and absorb up that adored warmth.  And afresh the bill comes due … .  Hey, that’s how best of activity works, isn’t it?

Larry Cloud Lookout Valley 

* * * 

Thanks for the insight, Larry. Aback you breach it bottomward by the day, it’s accessible to see how a $10 day (x 30 days) can according an acutely absonant electric bill. It absolutely does become simple math. 

On the cast side, calefaction pumps are best acceptable to accusation for abhorrent inefficiencies in colder weather. A calefaction pump is about an air conditioner run backwards. So an A/C assemblage takes calefaction out of the central air and transfers it to the added ancillary of the wall, appropriately cooling the inside. This works able-bodied aback you accept calefaction to move. The botheration arises aback its algid and there’s no calefaction to booty out of the air to alteration aback inside. Aback the temperature avalanche beneath ~30-40 degrees outside, there isn’t abundant calefaction in the ambient air to calmly calefaction a house. This agency that your poor calefaction pump will try, and eventually about-face on Emergency Heat. Emergency calefaction is attrition heating, which is additionally absolute inefficient.  

Anyone who has a calefaction pump should accept that aback the temperatures bead beneath freezing, they will be advantageous a exceptional to break warm. This is why I consistently seek out a gas furnace. 

Tim Giordano 

* * * 

I accept apprehend the acknowledgment from added Lookout Valley residents.  I too, do not accept these amazing amount increases.  In Nov $199.39, bulk per day $6.88, In Dec $276.14 bulk per day $9.47, in Jan $530.04, bulk per day $17.05, with angled kilowatts.  

I accept lived actuality aback 1985, with abounding winters with low temperatures.  Never had a bill over $400.  

I am abashed and afraid at this bill.  I’m insulated, never about-face on calefaction pump over 72, and try to about-face it bottomward alike more, except if baby accouchement visit.

I’ve been agitated for six canicule now, and befitting thermostat at 67, and cutting a coat.

Tammy Segneri  Lookout Valley 

* * * 

Our electric bill added from $102 to $124 year over year.  I accept a gas boiler and that bill added from $98 aftermost year to $134 this year.  We consistently acclimatize the thermostat appropriately aback frigid temperatures are forecasted to conserve activity and costs (usually 70 in balmy winter acclimate and 66-68 in acute cold).  While blockage balmy is subjective, bills are not.  Once emergency calefaction bliss on, get accessible to pay or bandy an added absolute on the bed.  The electric ante are not the issue. 

Chris Morgan

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