Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Hot Water Coils For Forced Air Furnace

Fire Chief Boilers - The Kernel Burner
Fire Chief Boilers – The Kernel Burner

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Utilizing York® air antecedent calefaction pump and R-410A refrigerant, Archetypal RCS GREEN Reverse Aeon Chiller(TM) (RCC) can calefaction baptize to 115°F and air-conditioned baptize to 40°F. Arrangement can be sized to heating requirements of home. Accessible in 2-3 ton and 4-5 ton accommodation models, alarming has another APCHPL16 Aqua Solar Calefaction Aqueduct hot baptize collectors, which affection 16 bottle exhaustion tubes with high-intensity blur and calefaction aqueduct to blot solar energy.

Now With an Another Calefaction Aqueduct Solar Collector

Aqua Articles Company, Inc., Prosperity, South Carolina, introduces the new GREEN Reverse Aeon Chiller(TM) (RCC) for heating your home or appointment with hot baptize or air conditioning with algid water. The RCC is will additionally assignment in affiliation with the Aqua Solar Calefaction Aqueduct (APCHPL16) congenital with 16 aerial adeptness abandoned vaccum tubes to aftermath chargeless hot water.

According to John W. Seppamaki, President of Aqua Articles Company, “The canicule of affordable heating our homes or businesses are advancing to an end. We are challenged to not alone body new blooming articles for the Heating & Air conditioning Industry (HVAC) but we charge additionally advance the best efficient, adjustable systems that will blot affordability of operations with the abundance according to fossel fuels. We are the antecedents of the Reverse Aeon Chiller(TM) (RCC) and are appreciative to be a York� UPG partner. We would like to acquaint the new MODEL RCS congenital about the York� aerial able air antecedent calefaction pump. The RCS is now accessible application the new green, R-410A refrigerant and additionally carries a college COP rating. We can now blot both our RCS calefaction pumps with our APCHPL16 solar panels giving us a renewable energyassist.”

The aboriginal allotment of this arrangement uses one of the Reverse Aeon Arrangement models. The RCS isable to aftermath algid baptize for air conditioning and dehumidification in the hottestdays of summer. Again in the algid canicule of winter it provides hot baptize for comfortheating. It has been alleged the hot air calefaction pump and the beaming attic calefaction pump. Youcan accept to use this hot baptize for beaming attic heating, affected air axial systems,multiple ductless fan coils or use a admixture of all of the above.

The RCS is a highly-efficient way to calefaction hot baptize to a best of 115�F at costscompetitive with gas accursed systems. The RCS uses electric compressor technology toproduce low bulk hot water. The bulk of advantageous hot baptize delivered by the RCS isgreater than the bulk of activity it takes to actualize it. The hot baptize Coefficient ofPerformance (COP) of the RCS is the arrangement of advantageous hot baptize achievement (Btuh)compaired to the absolute Kilowatt (1 KW = 3413 Btuh) it takes to aftermath it. The COPrange of the RCS is from 2 to as aerial as 6 back operating beneath favorable conditions.The maximun COPs of gas, oil or electric attrition heating is consistently one.

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What makes the RCS altered is its adeptness to acquiesce the York� calefaction pump to be sizedto the heating requirments (load) of the home. Best calefaction pumps cannot be sized to thetrue calefaction amount because the air conditioning amount is commonly abate and this couldcause abbreviate cycling back application to air action the home. This agency that best accepted DX calefaction pumps crave added electric attrition calefaction strips to advice bout the deficiencies by attempting to accommodate all of the heat. This is like affairs bisected of a boiler again activity to Wal-Mart to acquirement baby electric heaters attempting to accumulate balmy back algid acclimate requires the charge for the added bisected that is aloof not available. Because the RCS can be sized to the heating requirements of your home, it is able to aftermath hot, adequate air the majority of the time in the winter with back heating appropriate alone during emergencies on those few acutely algid winter canicule that charge added heat.

The RCS heating and air conditioning systems assignment by sending baptize through the aforementioned two cloistral pex baptize pipes to accommodate the activity bare for abundance heating and cooling. The RCS uses the aerial adeptness air antecedent calefaction pump and converts its activity into an affordable absolute electric abundance system. We additionally can install one of our Aqua Solar Tanks with two another absolute baptize circuits which allows us to alter our stored hot baptize activity to abetment in heating our cooler baptize or acclimated with our RCS for amplitude heating. The RCS can additionally be acclimated with added another activity sources such as copse accursed boilers, ammunition cells, etc…

The purpose of the accumulator catchbasin is to act as a absorber and serve as a “thermal flywheel”that assists the arrangement during times of low achievement and helps abbreviate defrost cycles after demography calefaction from the building. This architecture will additionally assure that the RCS will not abbreviate aeon during the air conditioning cycle.

Hot baptize beaming attic systems are growing beyond the apple and accept becomeknown as one of the best adequate and bulk able means to calefaction a home oroffice. The RCS has fabricated it accessible and economical to accommodate an affordable totalelectric home by abacus its adeptness to accommodate hot baptize for beaming attic heatingusing an air antecedent calefaction pump. The RCS is advised to accomplish commonly bottomward to17� F alfresco temperatures after the charge for back heat. By abacus an RCSto a beaming attic arrangement gives you the ideal abundance systems for algid climates.The RCS is able to aftermath up to 115� F hot water; but aloof as important, it canproduce bottomward to 40� F algid baptize for abundant air conditioning and dehumidification.Both heating and air conditioning abandon can accommodate accurate zoning by usingstandard or aerial burden air handlers and/or ductless fan coils and/or radiantheating or aggregate of all of the above.

The advantage of application baptize with an air antecedent calefaction pump gives us the different adeptness of abacus assorted distinct appearance ability RCS modules for beyond endless like 10, 15, and 20 tons. Staging is able with a simple acclimation of the congenital inwater temperature ambassador accepted in anniversary RCS.

The added allotment of the arrangement uses the Aqua Solar Calefaction Aqueduct (APCHPL16) hot watercollectors. The Aqua Solar Calefaction Aqueduct beneficiary consists of a alternation of 16 bottle vacuumtubes with aerial acuteness blur and accommodate a calefaction aqueduct in anniversary tube to blot solarenergy alike on a blurred day. This calefaction activity is again transfered into a baptize glycolsolution actuality broadcast from our Aqua Solar Catchbasin (AST). The chargeless stored hotwater/glycol can be acclimated to calefaction baptize circulating through both of our independentAST circuits and acclimated area best benifical depending on the time of the year.Each vaccum tube is annular by architecture and can clue the sun which allows for hotwater assembly from mid morning till mid afternoon. Aloof two of the newcollectors are able of bearing 80 gallons of hot baptize a day which acclimated to takethree of the old appearance panels beneath favorable conditions.

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By abacus the solar generated hot baptize to the Aqua Solar Catchbasin gives us severaloptions on how we can use this chargeless hot water. Aboriginal option: we can use the chargeless hotwater during the heating division to advice supplement the RCS with added freesolar heat. Added option: we can use this chargeless hot baptize during summer months toheat best of our calm hot baptize or it could be acclimated to abetment in the heating a poolor spa.

Aqua Articles Company is starting its aboriginal pilot programs by abacus a new archetypal of our RCS with angle sizing. The new models are the RCS-24/36 = 2 to 3 ton accommodation and the RCS-48/60 = 4 to 5 ton capacity. This progam is beneath way in the states of Oregon, Washington, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Aqua Articles Company, Inc. is in the action of training a bound cardinal of York� contractors in baddest areas to bazaar and install this new amalgam system. Foradditional advice contact:John W. [email protected].us

or acquaintance your bounded York� Distributor or Dealer.

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